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As a parent, you do not need anyone to tell you that raising kids is a big job! And when it comes to caring for your child’s smile, that job does not get any easier. Kids are constantly growing and changing, and their dental needs grow and change right along with them. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with your kids, let alone their smiles. But at Auburn Pediatric Dentistry, our pediatric dentist and team can make it easier for you by providing information on children’s dental issues. On this page, you can find some basic information on taking care of your child’s mouth and teeth and making sure that they enjoy a lifetime of happy and healthy smiles.

Maybe you have a question or concern that we didn’t answer here, or maybe it is time for your child’s visit. We are happy to see your child for their first dental visit, their regular cleaning and exam, or for a dental emergency. No matter the case, if you would like to schedule a pediatric dental appointment in Auburn, Alabama, for your child, call 334-826-6651 to plan your visit with Dr. Charles Greenleaf. Our kid-friendly team is waiting to meet you and your child.