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While good oral health is important at every stage in life, it is particularly important during childhood. This is the time to build good dental habits such as brushing, flossing, healthy eating and dental visits. It is also the time when your child’s dental health is in its formative stage, and the right dental care can make a big difference. Your child’s first trip to our office will be a “getting to know you” visit, which will allow your child to meet our pediatric dentist and team and become acquainted with our office. And of course, you are always welcome to come back to the operatory with your child. At Auburn Pediatric Dentistry, we offer the following pediatric dental treatments in Auburn, Alabama:

One thing to keep in mind: the best thing you can do for your child’s smile is to be a good example. Eat a healthy diet, brush and floss regularly and keep a positive attitude about seeing the dentist. If you have been looking for a dentist for your child, our team would love to meet you and your family. Call our office at 334-826-6651 today, and we will schedule your child for a visit with our pediatric dentist, Dr. Charles Greenleaf.