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The teen years can fun and exciting as well as challenging. They are a time when your son or daughter is not only becoming an adult, but who they are. During that time, they can be exposed to many habits, substances and lifestyle choices that can affect their overall dental health. Some of those things can include:

While peer pressure can be a powerful thing, promoting healthy choices, including good oral and dental health, can also have a significant effect on your son or daughter. While the temptation to take health risks may be a part of growing up, our team is there not only to care for your child’s smile but to talk with them about habits and activities that could be harmful in the long- and short-term. Your child may be thinking about getting their tongue pierced or may even by under pressure to try tobacco. But our team is here for you and your family. If you would like to talk with our pediatric dentist, Dr. Charles Greenleaf, about teen dental issues in Auburn, Alabama, or schedule an appointment, call Auburn Pediatric Dentistry at 334-826-6651 today and our team will help you plan your visit.