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Sports and energy drinks have become popular among teens and children over the last decade. Since they are not soft drinks, your teen may think they are safe to drink. But before your son or daughter stops by the store for their next energy or sports drink in Auburn, Alabama, they should talk with our pediatric dentist. Dr. Charles Greenleaf can talk with them about hazards of these drinks and you can call 334-826-6651 to schedule an appointment at Auburn Pediatric Dentistry.

Sports drinks can replace lost minerals and electrolytes. However, they are not made to be consumed on a regular basis and should be reserved for after a workout, a practice, game or after exerting oneself. Sports drinks, along with energy drinks, have high levels of acidity, and acid wears away the enamel on your child’s teeth. That in turn increases your teens risk of cavities. In some cases, an energy drink can contain even more acid than a sports drink.

While an occasional sports drink may not be bad after a ballgame or practice, the best drink for your child’s smile and their body really is water. If your son or daughter enjoys sports or energy drinks, make sure that they keep up on their oral health routine including brushing 30 minutes after they have their drink, eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water.